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Hear-2-Dance is a simple and inexpensive way for hearing impaired dancers or dancers with assistive listening devices to hear the music and the caller at a square dance, or the music and the cuer at a round dance. These web pages describe the Hear-2-Dance system configuration and links are provided to sources where the three systems components can be purchased. (The creators of this website have no affiliation with the suppliers mentioned.)

Hear-2-Dance system components are off the shelf items that can be purchased in many stores or on the internet. To ensure the quality of the dance experience, this website provides basic requirements for each system component. Dances featuring the Hear-2-Dance system must use components which meet these requirements. Dances featuring the Hear-2-Dance system should be advertised using the approved Hear-2-Dance logos which are service marks of New Square Music. These service marks and the rules for their use are provided on this website. Use of the service marks is free to groups which offer a system conforming to the requirements and the guidelines for the Hear-2-Dance service as described on these web pages.

While 'New Square Music' and 'Bee Sharps' recommend usage of this system as described on this site, neither makes any guarantees or warranties regarding such usage.


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